530 Broadway Avenue
11-story building is an icon situated on the corner of Broadway and Spring Street, one of the highest trafficked intersections in New York City.

With its prominent location at the heart of SoHo’s Cast Iron Historic District, the property has been attracting a variety of well-known, high-quality tenants.

530 Broadway Avenue was built in 1898 by Bronner & Tryon Ralph S Townsend in Soho neighborhood which has evolved into a key Manhattan market for creative office tenants who enjoy the walkability of the vibrant retail and residential surroundings.

The Property is comprised of three adjoining buildings – 530, 532 and 536 Broadway all of which have been integrated into one conjoined property and features timeless architectural detail, an abundance of light and air, and flexible floor plates.

Property has a total gross area over 200,000 SF.
In 2021, BLG sold its interests and no longer has a management role in 530 Broadway Avenue, while retaining its share in any future profits derived from 530 Broadway Avenue.

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